Salamander T-shirt: Unisex Heavyweight - Long sleeves - Texas Orange

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The Salamander orange T-shirt is a long sleeves, unisex, heavyweight tee with a relaxed fit, made with 100% cotton and custom printed for the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society.

On the front of the T-shirt, the line San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex is printed at the bottom, near the salamander's tail.

Your purchase helps support the activities of the seven refuges that form part of the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex, including recreation, habitat restoration, and species protection.

The salamander is an amphibian creature. The Santa Cruz long-toed salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum) is an endangered subspecies that is found only close to a few isolated ponds in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in California. It has a black body, broken yellow or orange irregular striping along its spine, and a tail fin well evolved for swimming. It will survive off the proteins stored in its tail while hibernating.

It is found near pools or slow-moving streams and has a very secretive lifestyle, making it difficult to find. Visit the Ellicott Slough National Wildlife Refuge to see if you can spot one!

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Unisex Classic Heavyweight Tee / Long Sleeve
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