The Summer 2024 Issue of Tide Rising, our quarterly newsletter, is here

by Ceal Craig

Tide Rising: Volume 5, Issue 4, Summer 2024

Tide Rising: Volume 5, Issue 4, Summer 2024.

The San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society is happy to publish the latest issue of its digital newsletter, Tide Rising: Volume 5, Issue 4, Summer 2024. This issue’s theme is Exploration & Discovery.

In this issue:

  • Exploration and Discovery: SFBWS and others hoping to address lack of federal funding and sufficient staff for US Fish and Wildlife Service through congressional advocacy and asking for community support.
  • SFBWS and Watershed Watchers Corner: Hear about what SFBWS has been up to over the past months, including Earth Day, Nature Store updates, staff changes, need for volunteers, April SFBWS BOD meeting, and more. SFBWS also led field trips at the Refuge for college classes, visited Boys & Girls Clubs and classrooms for activities, held several public programs and volunteer events, and hosted annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet; now planning Marsh-In Summer Camp.
  • Reports from the Field: Sunset walk at Bair Island, trip to learn about weather and climate at Penn State, taking a restored train at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Unidentified and/or yellowfin Goby counts tend to surge around April; as of April 2024, the total baby fish count was 485.
  • News: Staff Updates. Activities coming up!
  • SFBWS Volunteer Opportunities: Learn about places to support the Complex and the SFBWS: Nature store volunteers, SFBWS Operations support.

Editors: Clayton Ou, Ceal Craig, PhD
Contributors: SFBWS: Ceal Craig, Mary Deschene, Sirena Lao.
Volunteers & Supporters: Jim Ervin
Photographers: Ambarish Goswami, Alyssa Clevenstine, Ceal Craig, Deepti Marella, Miguel Marquez, Jim Ervin, Danielle McCormick, Leila Inocentes, Ian McCormick, Larry Rosenblum, Ravi Kohli.

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Cecilia (Ceal) D. Craig, PhD
Member, SFBWS Board of Directors