The Winter 2023 Issue of Tide Rising, our quarterly newsletter, is here

by Ceal Craig

Tide Rising: Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2023

Tide Rising: Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2023.

The San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society is happy to publish the latest issue of its digital newsletter, Tide Rising: Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2023. This issue’s theme is Restoration & Reflection.

In this issue:

  • Restoration and Reflection: USFWS seeking input for revamp of Environmental Education Center and surrounding public spaces. VTA seeking input for Beneficial Reuse of Excavated Material in Tidal Marsh Restoration Project during public scoping period. On its 20th anniversary of formation, the South Bay Salt Pond. Restoration Project opened 300-acres more of former industrial salt pond to the Bay, restoring critical tidal marsh habitat.
  • SFBWS Corner: EEC construction for the Shoreline Levee Project, king tides at the EEC and nearby, and more about our National Wildlife Refuges.
  • Wildlife Education: Learn about the dormancy patterns of California native plants and their relationship with the lichens that grow on them.
  • Community Highlights: Hear about a Bay Area native who grew up hunting and is now passing along his knowledge and guidance to junior hunters.

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Editors: Clayton Ou, Ceal Craig, PhD
Contributors: SFBWS: Ceal Craig, Aja Yee, Madison Cline. USFWS: Melisa Amato, Chris Barr, Gerry McChesney.
Photographers: Ambarish Goswami, USFWS, VTA, Ceal Craig, Miguelina Portorreal, Charles Anderson, Madison Cline, Billy Roark, Sam Darmstadt.

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Cecilia (Ceal) D. Craig, PhD
Member, SFBWS Board of Directors