Celebrate spring: Egg decorating with natural dyes

Make naturally dyed eggs just in time for the Spring Season and Easter!

Find a list of materials and instructions in the guide below to create your own natural dyes from a variety vegetables and spices.

Once you know the basic process to make natural dyes you can experiment with other fruit, vegetables, and spices – if it stains your hands it will dye egg shells!

Creating your own natural dyes, instead of buying kits from the store, ensures that artificial or synthetic dyes don’t get into our watersheds.

Once you are done dyeing and decorating your eggs, you can share your beautiful creations by sending pictures to us at watershedwatchers@sfbws.com.

⮇ Click here to download the handout (PDF 1.8 MB) ⮇

Download the handout (PDF 1.8 MB)

The San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society in partnership with the Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge thank you for participating in this program in the comfort of your home. During these times it is important that we have fun and creative quality time with our family and loved ones, and we hope this at-home activity provides you with such an opportunity.